for mimi

"John Luther was a dear friend of mine. And before you put a bullet in his brain, I made him a promise, something along the lines of coming after you with the wrath of God. But that’s not all. You see, John had many friends. And your mistake was in making every last one of them very, very angry.”

with the wrath of god | a playlist dedicated to the revenge of alice morgan and co.

florence + the machine / “seven devils” (holy water cannot help you now/see i’ve come to burn your kingdom down) x the prodigy / “medusa’s path” (instrumental) x kanye west & jay-z / “who gon stop me” (beat the odds/best the feds/it wouldn’t be wise/to bet against the kid) x st. vincent / “your lips are red” (this city’s black/this city’s black from all the ashes in downtown) x maroon 5 / “come away to the water (feat. rozzi crane)” (come away, little lamb/come away to the slaughter/to the ones appointed to see it through/we are calling for you/we are coming for you) x massive attack / “psyche (flash treatment)” (rip the cage out of your chest/let the chaos rule the rest) x